Bye Fall! Bye October!

October was as busy as ever for us and that’s ok because fall is the best time for TNR. Fifty-seven (57!) cats and kittens were trapped in October and 48 of these were spayed or neutered.

September summary

Forty-three cats entered our traps in September and 37 of these were spayed or neutered. More than half were females who will be spared the dangers of giving birth to kittens outdoors.

July trapping!

In July, we trapped, picked up, netted, or corralled into carriers 46 felines both cats and kittens. Sometimes climbing into holes or under porches.

Busy June!

June was another busy month for our volunteer trappers. We helped a total of 58 cats and kittens in the city of Rochester. Many of the 42 “big” cats were returned to their kind feeders who watch out for them every day. These cats have now retired from the kitten-making business.