April tally! Welcome spring!

We met a lot of cats in April! Thanks to the @alleycatallies Feline Frenzy, our Sunday clinic at @vsas_ras, and the terrific vet staff at @lollypopfarm and @rochestercommunityanimalclinic we were able to spay/neuter over 50 community cats from the city streets.

March Madness! 

This was a huge trapping month for us, with 49 cats spayed or neutered. We evaluate the cats as quickly as we can while they’re in the traps and this month 10 were found to be adoptable!

February Summary

In February we trapped, spayed, and neutered 34 cats! Most were released back to their colonies and caretakers and 3 friendly felines were taken to Kellers Kats to begin their indoor life: Campy, Pumpkin, and Socks 😻

Bye Fall! Bye October!

October was as busy as ever for us and that’s ok because fall is the best time for TNR. Fifty-seven (57!) cats and kittens were trapped in October and 48 of these were spayed or neutered.

September summary

Forty-three cats entered our traps in September and 37 of these were spayed or neutered. More than half were females who will be spared the dangers of giving birth to kittens outdoors.

July trapping!

In July, we trapped, picked up, netted, or corralled into carriers 46 felines both cats and kittens. Sometimes climbing into holes or under porches.